Will Google Free Navigator App Ever Come to iPhone?

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Update: See our Comparison: Google Maps Navigation Vs iPhone GPS Apps

Google secretly worked on a mobile
navigation application
that it would cost nothing. The fact that Google in the past
few months has shown affinity to map data collection and is also rumored
to add turn by turn capabilities to the Android 2.0, came true today.

expected this story is causing a lot of buzz and might we add excitement in the
mobile world. However iPhone loyalists are wondering if this application would be
ever be available on the Apple Store?

Given the
acrimonious history between Google and Apple , (remember Google Voice?) it’s
highly unlikely we may see a Google Mobile navigating application on the
iPhone. However it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic so lets hope that’s not the
case. In case Google chooses to ignore Apple, then there are always
other iPhone GPS Apps!

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Update: Google Open To Google Maps Navigation app For iPhone

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