05.11.07 Baseband iPhone Unlock will be Released 11/04/2009 via Blacksn0w

For those of you who have been eagerly waiting the ability
to unlock your iPhone, it seems that Geohot, the same man who was able to jailbreak the
newest iPhone OS (3.1.2)
, has taken on the $10,000 challenge to unlock the
iPhone offered by Jody Sanders of iPhoneUnlockUK.com (updated read below).  And, as of Friday, October 30th,
there has been some progress!


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This image is from Geohot’s website showing “arbitrary code
running on the baseband.”

On October 31st, he released a YouTube video with
a working unlock for the iPhone.

Geohot is announcing on his webpage that he's got an Unlock for the 05.11.07 Baseband!  He is also TURNING DOWN the $10,000 prize money offered by Sanders of iPhoneUnlockUK.com and releasing it on his own site on 11/04/2009!  

What does it mean for you:

1. If you have 3.1.2 Jailbroken and unlocked iPhone it means you will be able to upgrade to the latest baseband.  But you should sit tight and not rush.

2. If you are updated by accident to 05.11.07 baseband and you need unlocked iPhone, this solution may work for you.

Keep your eyes peeled and we’ll keep you updated as we hear

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