AT&T Sues Verizon Over ‘There’s a Map for That’ 3G Ad

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like AT&T isn‚Äôt too impressed by the new  Verizon 'There's a Map for That' ad campaign and showing
their disdain by taking legal action. AT&T has filed a lawsuit against
Verizon because they feel that the new ads are “misleading” and have resulted
in the loss of market share.

For the
uninitiated, Verizon’s campaign revolves around 3G coverage as the now infamous
map highlights where Verizon offers 3G. According
to AT&T, Verizon’s map gives the impression that other cellular networks don’t
have any coverage in the white or blank space.

excerpt from the complaint:

continuing to include a '3G' coverage map in its advertisement, Verizon is
still conveying the message that AT&T has no coverage in the white or blank
space included in the maps, and thus AT&T customers cannot use their wireless
devices in large portions of the United States. … The fact that customers are
being misled by the blank and white space on the maps is not surprising as
Verizon, in its own coverage maps, uses white space to inform consumers that no
coverage of any kind exists."

AT&T is over-reacting or maybe Verizon crossed the line, whatever the case
may be, its always fun to see cellular networks butt head!

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