Bullet Flight App Turns Your iPhone Into A Killing Machine

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The iPhone is a killer device and we don't mean this now just metaphorically. New usages keep cropping up for Apple's pride and joy but the Knights Manufacturing Company takes the iPhone to a whole new level

The Knights Manufacturing Company unveiled a shot calculator program called Bullet Flight  that helps you to brush up your shooting skills. The aim of the company is to make use of the iPhone's various abilities and come up with a smart rifle. 

Once the app is downloaded, iPhone users have to feed in information like type of rifle as well scope, range of target, wind conditions etc. The software then gives you tips and tells you to adjust your scope to take the perfect shot.

The Bullet Flight program can be purchased from the iTunes Store for $11.99. Somehow I get the feeling that Steve Jobs never ever envisioned his device to be used for target practice. 

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