Can’t Avoid The Droid: Motorola Celebrates Sales Spike

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Motorola haven't had a hit cell phone since the Razr — which was basically a StarTac v2.0 with even crappier battery life — so you KNOW they're digging the above chart from YouGov BrandIndex, tracking brand loyalty in the crucial adult-male demographic.  As you can see, the Moto Droid recently spiked in guy popularity, while the iPhone and Crackberry took nosedives in the same period.  Mind you, these are short-term (and highly volatile) figures, but clearly show that the right phone at the right time can not only rescue a left-for-dead hardware manufacturer (*cough*Palm Pre*cough*), but also pose a credible threat to the iPhone juggernaut (and you KNOW the Verizon folk are crowing "Can you hear us NOW, bitches?!?").

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[Via Engadget]

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