DIY: iPhone Magnifying Camera Mod

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Love tinkering with your gadgets? Don't mind experimenting with your iPhone's camera for some cool effects? Then you will love the iPhone Magnifying Camera Mod which lets you magnify your unsuspecting subjects with ease.

Here is a list of tools and materials, that you need:




Center Punch

Drill (drill press is best)

Soldering iron


Jar lid (I used a lid from a pickle jar)

Lenses (from scrapped cameras)

3/4" Suction cup

Rubber O ring that fits around the "mushroom" part of suction cup

White LED

JST Connector (scrapped computer)

Small piece of extra wire

Switch (AM/FM switch from old walkman)

3v battery holder and battery (scrapped computer)

Super glue

Hot glue or silicoN

To read the rest of the instructions head over to Instructables and do let us know how your attempt went.


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