iPod Touch Based EasyPay Touch System To Handle All Apple Money Transactions

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In two weeks time, Apple will be bidding adieu to all Windows
CE-based portable computers and will replace them with customized iPod Touch
units for processing money transactions. The "EasyPay touch," system thus not only highlights the diversity
of the iPod Touch, but will also give Apple complete control of their point-of-sale
(POS) system.

The “EasyPay touch " system consists of an iPod that has
been equipped with a magnetic strip reader, an advance barcode scanner and
specialized Apple software that has been programmed to handle card and cash
transactions. For credit card transactions, customers will need to sign on the
display of the Touch by using a Pogo Sketch stylus.

With the new “EasyPay touch " system Apple once again
proves that its way ahead in the game, and we are actually tempted to drop in
the Apple store to see these babies in action.

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