The WHERE App For Android Gives A Glimpse Into DROID Sales

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The WHERE app is now available for the Motorola DROID and can be downloaded from the Android store. Developed by uLocate Communications, WHERE provides an easy way to find places, people etc as all kind of local content can be accessed via  it, be it the nearest coffee shop or the latest traffic update.

Since everytime WHERE is downloaded, uLocate is able to record the model of the Android phone that has downloaded the app and the location of the user. Hence uLocate has has been able to gather some DROID based data which they claim is accurate. So according to them 100,000 handsets were sold in the opening week and out of them, around 10% were running WEHERE. Around 250,000 DROID units have been sold since November 6th and 12 percent of Droids are located in New York and around 6 percent  in Los Angeles. 

The data collected by uLocate is far from accurate as it doesn't take a number of factors in consideration. However you still get a rough picture regarding the sale of DROID and looks like the smartphone is  flying off the shelves in the US.Those who are on the iPhone can also keep tabs on iPhone sales via the iPhone Meter web site.

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