Knocking App For iPhone. Share Upto 100 Pictures At A Go

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The MMS functionality on the iPhone is so passe now (even though it took AT&T forever to get it). Now you can bombard your friends and unsuspecting colleagues with loads of pictures of your good-looking mug. The Knocking App  Pointy Heads Software for the iPhone is a godsend for those who love sharing their pictures with fellow iPhone users. 

The Knocking App lets you share up to 100 pictures at a go with other iPhone users. However to "knock" the pictures to a fellow iPhone user, he/she should also have the Knocking App. There are other advantages to the software too. For instance you can share entire photo albums or even create a Knocking connection to view only a specific group of images. Knocking can be run on both Wi-Fi and 3G and one can also create a Facebook Connect integration which allows you to share your "knocks" with fellow knockers. For now the App is free for the first 50,000 downloads, so rush to the Apple Store and download away.

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