Motorola Plays Scrooge When It Comes To App Storage on Droid

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Excited about the Motorola DROID? So are we. But as is the case with most devices, this one too is not without its faults. The DROID may be a powerhouse of a performer however the fact that it only ships with a 512 MB ROM which contains only 256 MB available for app storage, makes us wonder what Motorola was thinking.  Why Motorola decided to play Scrooge when it comes to app storage is a mystery that they can only answer.

If you do a comparison with the iPhone, then you will find out that Apple has provided more than enough storage for apps and ensures that you don't have to spend unnecessary dough on memory cards. This isn't only beef we have with the DROID. As you may be aware that the Achilles heel of the Droid is its battery life as many DROID users have reported that Android based phone is extremely power-hungry and requires constant charging. 

We have provided iPhone battery saving tips for iPhone users, but we are sure same rules will apply to Droid users.

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