New Battery Pack Promises Extra Hours at the Expense of Extra Weight

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hours for your iPhone have arrived in the form of USB Fever's
3000mAh addon, but with a price. Aside from the $60 price tag, the
addon is a hefty pack of its own that will upgrade your iPhone from a
relatively slim device to one of sizable girth and proportion. 

As a
person who charges his phone daily before hitting the hay, this addon
would be more of a nuisance than anything really effective. However, on
long car rides or plane trips, when your only comfort may reside in the
full season of 24 you have on your phone, the extra battery life is a

So, if you need the extra juice and don't mind being asked,
"is this an iPhone with the 3000mAh battery pack in your pocket or are
you just happy to see me?," you got the right product.

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