New Details Emerge About The CrunchPad Tablet

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The jury is still out on the feasibility of computer tablets that are designed to act just as tools for web browsing. Take for instance the CrunchPad which is the brainchild of  Michael Arrington, Louis Monier and the design studio FusionGarage. In their latest videocast, the team talked about their CrunchPad Project which is a low-cost tablet PC primary used for browsing the web.

According to the team, the CrunchPad will be priced around three and four hundred dollars and will support advertisements  ‚Äúwithout impacting the user experience‚Äù. Of course the question here is who would spend 400 bucks for couch-surfing when the same can be done on our phones and other multimedia-devices? Also being subjected to advertising after shelling out a decent amount of money doesn't sound appealing either.

Another point to remember is that the rumored Apple Tablet may just be a reality and hence will prove to be a tough rival to web based devices like the CrunchPad. However despite its faults, the CrunchPad is a brave endeavor by Arrington and his entire team and kudos to them for  working hard to release it commercially. 

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