Road Games: Waze Now Lets You Play While You Map

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We’ve already hipped you to Waze, the interactive GPS app that dynamically improves its maps by tracking your location (read here and here).  Originally an Android-centric app, the program recently added iPhone, WinMo, and Symbian flavors — all free.

Now Waze has upped the fun factor with its “Road Goodies” feature. Think of it as a form of GPS Pac-Man, in which you gobble up points-laden icons while you drive.  Sounds like good mindless fun, but there’s a method to Waze’s madness: each icon represents a map problem spot, and by munching each icon, you’re continuing to improve their mapping.  Here’s a demo:

Right now, the points don’t have any real-world “worth,” but Waze is holding a “Holiday High Points Challenge” for both US and international drivers, and hint that future versions of the app will change the icons on a seasonal basis, and even offer surprise-filled “treasure chests.”

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