Rock Out with Your Sonos Out: ZonePlayer S5

Around the one year anniversary of its Controller app for the
iPhone, Sonos is releasing a music system designed specifically for the
iPhone – ZonePlayer S5. The app turned the iPhone into a remote device fo any Sonos
sound system, and it seems now that Sonos is building on its app with a
system that utilizes it fully. Smart marketing move.  

Sonos' all-in-one
speakers will be able to stream music directly from your iPhone, iTunes
and computer's music library, all with the benefit of being completely
wireless. They are essentially speakers with an iPhone dock without the
dock, and for $399 for 4 different kinds of speakers (two tweets, two
three-inch drivers, one 3.5-inch woofer and a 5 Class-D amp) it is
definitely a worthy buy.

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