This Black Friday Prepare For The Madness

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It’s that time of the year again folks. The time where we forget we belong to civil society and quite happily cross over to the dark side. The time where we become greed’s little minions and embrace our bizarre behavior wholeheartedly.

There is no denying that the Black Friday Phenomena brings out the worst in us and more often that not, the quest to find the perfect deal ends up badly. Brawls. Stampedes, campouts and even deaths have become synonymous with the Black Friday Mania.

So if you are one those brave souls who are actually contemplating to venture out on the busiest retail shopping day of the year, then familiarize yourself with this guide. This article chronicles the good, the bad and the funny of Black Friday and gives you tips on what not to do.

We all here at iSmashPhone love our gadgets as much  (or more) as we love our family and friends. Thus our techie hearts always does a leap when we come across genuine deals. However watch below how looking for deals may result in huge hospitals bills!

Check out the throngs of people making their way through the aisles of Best Buy.

Whoever said chivalry is dead surely had witnessed the commotion at Black Friday. Check out this news coverage, which highlights how a man actually shoved a pregnant woman to get into a store! Not cool at all but what the hell was a pregnant woman doing there at the first place?

Greed and dumbness is a deadly combination and looks like majority of the Black Friday shoppers are afflicted with this condition. How else would you explain someone punching the security guard of a store where they want to go shopping? Seriously a little thinking goes a long way!

Check out how computers bring the worse in people!

If you thought the computer fight was bad, then check out the Xbox fight. This will traumatize you enough and convince you to never upgrade your archaic gaming console!

Enough about fights, let us know explore the funny side of the Black Friday phenomena. What’s so funny about middle age America fighting over deals you ask? Spoofs, we answer back!

Check out Jon Stewart’s take on Black Friday where he trashes the holiday (no surprises there) and goes ape shit over his LEGO Millennium Falcon purchase!

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We all our slaves to modern day consumerism. Check out this hilarious skit where “Bloodsucking Coupon Bitch” terrorizes Retail Hell Slaves Freddy and Carolanne on a sunny lovely Black Friday afternoon.

Statutory warning- Not for the fainthearted!

You thought that the “Bloodsucking Coupon Bitch” was scary? Wait till you learn about Sarah Palin’s strategy on Black Friday. Democrats watch at your own peril!

What would happen if Harold and Kumar go shopping on Black Friday? While they still haven’t made a movie on that, I bet it would be similar to the video below. Check out a bunch of dudes and dudettes hitting the stores with stealth and without spilling any guts. So if you want to shop and emerge in one piece, then maybe you’ll learn some tips from this video.

Till now we have been showing you footage covered by a third party. Now experience the pain of true Black Friday victims by watching this documentary styled videos. The video is a window to a young’s man journey to Target!

Black Friday: Target (The Untold True Story)

Another video, which highlights the commitment and determination of the American youth. Now only if they could show dedication to something more worthwhile like say school or work!

If the videos above haven‚Äôt still managed to scare you and you are determined to make the best of this special day, then we bow before you. We are sure by now most of you are a bonafied Black Friday shopper and have survived the madness more than once in your lifetime. However  here are some tips that you can always keep in mind before venturing into the mad mad world!

Black Friday Tips

  • Arrive early to stores
  • Park close to an exit
  • Bring the ads with you
  • Shop online
  • Some ads are time-sensitive, so plan out which stores you need to hit when
  • Do research into products and their prices in advance
  • Shop with a buddy
  • Make a list and a budget
  • Dress comfortably and wear supportive shoes
  • Keep cash and other valuables close to you
  • Shop without children
  • Make sure you have room in your car for the things you are buying

Black Friday is a day bargain hunters dream off and plan their strategies way in advance. So if you have already planned your shopping attack and know what that heart of yours desire, then good for you. However those who find the whole phenomena over-whelming and can’t imagine venturing out on a day that brings the worse in shoppers then we recommend looking up deals online and from the comfort of your house and away from the crazy people! Best of luck in this brave endeavor of yours and be sure to  gorge on that Thanksgiving turkey, since you need all the energy in the world!

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