Thumb Kinda Wonderful: 4iThumbs Keyboard Overlay Aids iPhone Aids Typing

The guys at 4iThumbs realize, as most of us do, that rapid typing on the native iPhone keyboard is (at best) a pain in the patoot.  But rather than a software solution, they went in the hardware direction — specifically, a simple clear plastic overlay with raised bumps over the keyboard positions.  The overlay uses adhesive mounts on both the front and back of your iPhone (the latter to store the overlay when you don't need to type).  Watch the above video to see just how easy the 4iThumbs is to install and use.

The standard model overlay will set you back US$14.95.  Prefer to type in landscape mode?  The US$16.95 model has you covered.  Better still, get both for only US$19.95!  (All prices include sales tax and shipping.)

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