Verizon Wireless Promises Data Tethering On DROID

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It’s been a busy couple of days for Verizon Wireless. As when
they are not preoccupied with promoting the DROID, they are busy handling lawsuits
from rivals like AT&T. Verizon
and AT&T may be battling in the legal arena but looks like the DROID may
have an advantage over the iPhone since it will support data tethering.

 A spokesman from Verizon Wireless has promised that the company is planning to introduce
data tethering to the Motorola Droid in 2010. DROID users will hence be able to
connect their laptops to Verizon's 3G wireless EV-DO services. This service unfortunately
is not available to our favourite iPhone, which is  rather sad since AT&T promised us this facility by the
end of the summer (not cool AT&T).

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