2010: The Year The Apple Tablet Makes Contact?

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We've been talking a LOT about the rumored Apple Tablet/iPod MaxiTouch/whatever the hell you wanna call it; click here if you don't believe us. And here's the latest analyst to throw a little Kindle-ing (pun VERY much intended!) on the bonfire…

Yair Reiner over at Oppenheimer predicts — based on a peek into Apple's supply chain — that a unit with a 10-inch LCD screen is due for March or April of 2010.  Reiner bases this guesstimate on assumptions that the House of Jobs needs five to six weeks of inventory buildup before they can realistically announce the new toy — as well as assumptions that there will be no last-minute tech hiccups getting in the way.

And if it wasn't blindingly obvious by now that the "iTablet" has a big red laser targeting dot focused on the Kindle, Reiner also states that "Contacts in the U.S. tell us Apple is approaching book publishers with
a very attractive proposal for distributing their content…Apple will split revenue 30/70 (Apple/publisher); give the same
deal to all comers; and not request exclusivity. We believe the typical
Kindle split is 50/50, rising to 30/70 if Kindle is given ebook
exclusivity."  Translation: Amazon takes too big a cut of revenue, gets pissy if publishers want to sell content elsewhere, and doesn't allow advertising on their reader.

One last prediction from Reiner: the Apple tablet will retail for around US$1000.

[Via AppleInsider and ArsTechnica]

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