Apple Bans App Developer Molinker

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Molinker, which is a app development company and are credited for over 1000 iPhone apps got banned recently. Before you deem Apple as the "evil one", let us just say Molinker had it coming. It was proven that the company was scamming the Apple review system. 

This was noticed by a reader of the blog Iphoneography who realized  that 90% of the reviews  were written by those who only reviewed Molinker applications and majority of these reviews appeared to be fake. An email was sent to Apple‚Äôs VP, Phil Schiller who on investigating took down all of the  Molinker‚Äôs 1,011 application from the Apple Store.

Schiller said in an email:

"Yes, this developer‚Äôs apps have been removed from the App Store and their ratings no longer appear either.‚Äù 

You can see the entire Molinker catalogue which got the brunt of Apples fury here.

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