Appy New Year! Ring In 2010 With These Fun (And Free!) iPhone and iPod Touch Apps!

Who says you need to spend beaucoup bucks to ring in the New Year?  Download any or all of these free iPhone apps and get the most bang for your buck in saying buh-bye to 2009!

First up, this LEGO Photo app takes full-face photos of your friends and turns them into detailed Lego-block mosaics.  Makes those drunken party pics even more memorable!

Is your party too cheap to afford proper champagne goblets?  Waterford to the rescue, with a virtual version of their fine crystal glassware.  "Clink" your iPhones together to toast the New Year, House of Jobs-style.

Of course, if you've consumed too much real bubbly, taking party pix that actually look like something can be a struggle.  Gorillacam can help you there.  This iPhone camera app offers a variety of shooting modes (including continuous rapid-fire, three-shot bursts, and timer shots for group shots with your friends) as well as grid overlays and a bubble level to line up your shots pro-style, no matter how inebriated you are.

And finally, shoot off some handheld fireworks without, y'know, blowing one or more fingers off.

See ya next year.

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