AT&T To Wireless Mega-Users: “‘3G’ Does NOT Stand For ‘Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!”

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The Death Star has a message for you: GET THE HELL OFF THE INTERNET, YOU DAMN KIDS!

At a recent conference in New York City, AT&T's president and chief executive for mobility and consumer markets Ralph de la Vega admitted what we've known all along:their wireless network is getting creamed by all the calls and data usage its customers are racking up.

Well, SOME of the customers: de la Vega insists that only 3% of their subscribers are gobbling up around 40% of the network resources.  His plan: teach users to cut back on their wicked wireless ways, unlimited data access plans be damned.

“We’re going to try to focus on making sure we give incentives to those
small percentages to either reduce or modify their usage, so they don’t
crowd out the customers on those same cell sites,” he said.

No word on how this will be accomplished, but the possibility of a voice-style tiered pricing plan (similar to ones in place in other countries) may be inferred.

As for fixing reception problems in key cities, de la Vega did concede that ‚ÄúIn New York, I think we‚Äôve turned a corner.‚Äù  (San Francisco, by dint of NOT being specifically mentioned, appears to still be SOL.)

[Via the New York Times]

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