Battery Management Tips For iPhone and iPod Touch

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Recently, a Carleton engineering student was able to prolong the battery life of his iPhone by connecting the circuits to the antenna wirelessly. While his attempt looks genuine unfortunately mere mortals like us cannot try this at home! However there is always a way to save battery life and if you are a new iPhone or iPod Touch owner, check out this post on extending battery life. 

If you believe in making full use of all the multimedia capabilities of your iPhone or iPod Touch then maybe investing in a battery pack is a good idea. Check out our list of some of the more popular iPhone battery packs out there.

Don't want to spend cash on a battery pack? Then investing in a iPhone or iPod Touch battery app is also a good idea. We really like the BatteryMagic app which tells you  much time you have left on your battery for:    

3D Game Play

Game Play

Talk Time

3G Internet

Wi-Fi Internet

Video Playback

Audio Playback

Standby Time

iPod Video Play Time

iPod Audio Play Time

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