Building The Perfect Beast? Rumored Apple Tablet Gets List Of Rumored Parts Suppliers

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Who's supplying parts for the is-it-FINALLY-coming-out iTablet?  Line forms to the rear, guys…

First, according to Taiwan's Economic Daily, Cheng Uei Precision has landed "connector" orders for a "new flat-panel Apple Tablet PC" expected to begin shipping in Q3.  Meanwhile, DigiTimes throws several claims onto the waters: Innolux will begin supplying 10-inch glass "touch panels" for said tablet, but the expected shipping date will be March or April (based on its analysis of shipping schedules from Apple's upstream component suppliers).

As we've said before, (a) it's pretty clear that the industry and consumers WANT a large panel gizmo from the House of Jobs, and (b) said house is putting SOMETHING together.

[Via Engadget]

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