Emergency Code Brown: Cydia Crashing, And How To Get Around It

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Modmyi.com reported yesterday (12/28) that a Packages file distributed via macciti/zodttd's source caused Cydia to not launch properly:

"The issue was caused by a unicode character used in zodttd's packages file. This character brought out a bug in cydia
which caused it to not launch. (a similar problem was created in the
past when another community source missed a line break between
entries.) This is not the fault of anyone at macciti or zodttd this is
simply a bug in cydia."

The post urged users not to panic and attempt to restore their devices, but to instead perform the following steps:

  • Connect to your iphone/ipod via either ssh, mobile terminal,
    ifile, diskaid or some other type of usb file system browser. Browse to
  • Delete cydia.zodttd-1.com_repo_cydia_dists_stable_main_binary-iphoneos-arm_Packages.
  • Install the new update to cydia to fix this.

If you have apt7 installed, simply running apt-get update should also solve the problem.  Alternately, download this .PDF file to fix the problem using diskaid for Windows or Mac.

Most importantly, take the advice of Marvin the Paranoid Android:

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