Fill Your Hand, Varmint! TV Host Unveils Pistol-Dueling App

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Long before ATTACK OF THE SHOW! was gleefully razzing pop culture and tech geekery, its TechTV predecessor THE SCREEN SAVERS was doing straightforward coverage of computers and technology.  Now, former SCREEN SAVERS host Alex Albrecht has tossed his hat into the iPhone app-developing race.

The result is Duel, a clever multiplayer simulation of an old-fashioned pistol duel.  The play is simplicity itself: connect to an opponent via Bluetooth, select a gun of your choice (flintlock, laser, or phaser), then hold your iDevice upright and wait for the countdown timer to hit zero.  When it does, the first person to snap their iDevice into a horizontal position "shoots" — and wins.

The App Store listing suggests "Duel may be the best way to solve any dilemma.  Where to eat, duel for it.  Who's getting the next round, duel for it."  If nothing else, this US$0.99 game is the smartphone successor to flipping a coin — or rock/paper/scissors.  And best of all, no one gets hurt.

[Available on iTunes]

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