Google Nexus vs iPhone vs Droid: Specs Compared

Details are now leaking out about the Google Nexus smartphone — and as you can see from the chart below, it’s not only gunning for the title of “iPhone Killer du jour,” but wouldn’t mind knocking the newly-hot-and-hip Motorola Droid off its perch. 

F’rinstance, it’s got twice as much RAM right out of the gate as either phone (with the option to add perhaps as much as 32GB of Micro SD memory — take THAT, Uncle Steve!).  It also offers the Android OS, Wi-Fi on the 802.11n band, a 5 mexapixel camera with flash, a bigger screen, and both softkeys and a trackball.  Expect it to run on T-Mobile 3G (and possibly AT&T, via EDGE). 

Just don’t expect to own one immediately upon the rumored January 5, 2010 release date; word is that the first batch will become available by “invitation only.”

See full spec list after the fold.

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[Specs for Nexsus provided by Engadget]

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