How to use iPhone: Learn All About Your iPhone and iPod Touch

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Before showing off your new iPhone or iPod Touch why not get familiar with it first? It also doesn't hurt to learn all the neat tricks that your new pride and joy is capable of. Hence read our "12 iPhone Tricks You Might Not Have Known"  and "8 More iPhone Tricks You Might Not Have Known" articles to further enhance your iPhone experience.

Another good idea is to familiarize yourself with all the possible iPhone related terms by reading iBiblia and never ever Google terms like "pwnage" or "iPhone Dev Team". The complicated iPhone OS 3.0 making you confused? No need to fret as you can read about all its features and tricks here and here.

In case the above links don't satiate your thirst about the iPhone OS 3.0 Software then you can also go through the 213 page iPhone 3.0 user manual or buy the David Pogue's iPhone: The Missing Manual app.

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