Is Apple Prepping App Developers For A Tablet Demo Come January?

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"No Hardware Without Software."  Those have been Uncle Steve's marching orders for God knows how long — probably all the way back to those Apple IIc's running VisiCalc.  And certainly the most recent iDevice launches have been app-intensive, almost to a fault.

We bring this up because Apple has reportedly been instructing app developers to get programs in place that support full-screen video resolution, rather than the iPhone/iPod-standard 320×480.  And they gotta do this by January 2010.

Which would strongly suggest that Apple is gearing up for a post-holiday announcement of their long-gestating Tablet.  Mind you, this doesn't mean they're making a Tablet available in January: the Wall Street Journal and others are still anticipating said device to hit the street the following March.  But it will certainly behoove Cupertino to have some working apps to demo their new hardware before that happens.

[Via Silicon Alley Insider]

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