No Flash-In-The-Pan: Adobe Has Flash-Based iPhone Apps Ready Right Now

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Back in October, we told you how the upcoming Adobe Flash Professional CS5 would be able to port existing Flash-based games and apps to the iPhone app format.  Since then, Adobe has scotched a planned public beta of the technology, forcing many developers to wait until the official 2010 release of CS5.

Luckily, a select group of coders did get to participate in a closed beta program.  InRunTime was one such shop, and now the fruits of their labor — a game called Alchemist — can be obtained from the App Store.  (And obtain it soon: the game's web page lists a US$1.99 MSRP, but it's currently available for free…)

And Alchemist isn't the only entry: Adobe Labs lists a variety of Flash-based games on iTunes, ranging from a dreidel simulator to a South Park avatar creator.

Clearly, concerns about a Flash app potentially running amok in the closed iDevice architecture are not stopping Flash-base apps from getting App Store approval.  If anything, it should open the floodgates for more and more developers to dip their feet in the iPool.

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