NY Times Declares 2010 “The Year Of The Tablet”

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…then carefully explains why that's not as easy as it sounds.

In short: a hardware platform that does everything the iPhone does, and more — only on a larger playing field — presents a HUGE set of design problems.  The reason the Amazon Kindle runs for days on a charge is that its monochrome, graphics-light screen isn't a resource hog.  To put a 7 inch, full color screen into a device, then toss constant web connection, streaming media, etc. into the mix means you're facing a major drain on battery/OS/hardware — none of which comes cheap.

And yet:

People (both at the corporate and consumer level) WANT a tablet.  And they want it from Apple, because this is the sort of cutting-edge gadgetry that the House of Jobs has historically done well.  Apple's most recent patent filings (see image above) and tech-guru hirings suggest that it's going to happen, sooner or later.

And various unnamed sources within Apple all sing the same song: Yes, there is an Apple Tablet.  Yes, it's coming.  Yes, Uncle Steve is tickled pink with it (after previous, aborted attempts whose technology later filtered down into the iPhone).  And yes, there will be apps for it.

The next couple of months at Cupertino should be VERY interesting.

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