OnLive Demos Its Stream-To-Anything “Cloud Gaming”

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OnLive recent visited NY's Columbia University to demonstrate their "cloud gaming" technology.  It's basically a two-way streaming system: live video gets pumped down over a broadband connection to the target device (which could be a TV-connected controller, Wintel or Macintosh PC, and now iPhones and iPods) at the same time that game-control commands get pumped back up to the server.  This VERY lengthy video demo explains it all:

OnLive is convinced that this is the wave of future game marketing: between higher development costs, static retail pricing, a used-game secondary market, and piracy, it's become harder and harder for game developers to turn a profit.  Streaming removes the packaging and distribution costs from the equation, and reduces the risk of illegal copies.  Throw in multiple-platform hardware support, and OnLive just might be on to something.

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