Shoot Your Enemies With The iPhone One Force Tracker

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First the iPhone Sniper app and now the iPhone One Force Tracker app. Whoever said that the iPhone is about making music and not war had it wrong! At the 2009 Intelligence Warfighting Summit in Tucson, military contractor,Raytheon announced the  One Force Tracker which is capable of tracking downs friends and enemies, providing secure communication and giving access to real time maps.

The app uses iPhone's GPS features and comes loaded with its own social-networking features to discuss battle plans, reports , etc. However peace lovers may not fret as the app can also be used in scenarios in 911 emergencies.

Of course to make full use of the app, Apple will have to first make military-grade adjustments to the iPhone OS and the soldiers need to be on a network to make this thing work!  [via New York Times]

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