Take A Walk On The Clerks Side: Kevin Smith, Lou Reed Unveil Signature iPhone Apps

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New York/New Jersey, represent!

Godfather of art/punk rock Lou Reed and indie-filmmaking court jester Kevin Smith now have signature iPhone apps, each of which reflect their namesakes' unique personality.

Smith's hilariously profane, we-jam-econo zeitgesit (CLERKS, DOGMA, ZACH AND MIRI) is perfectly reflected in his app, which includes a stream of candid Kevin photos, a Twitter client — and if you're not following Smith's tweets, what's WRONG with you? — posts from his website (including his Smodcast podcasts with producer Scott Mosier), a soundboard, even a Take A Picture With Kevin option.  What's obvious about Smith is that, hard worker that he may be, he refuses to take himself too seriously: when a fellow Twitterer gushed "I like to think I bought a little piece of your soul with that iPhone app," Kevin quipped "Not soul; sphincter. See the dingleberries?"  As you might have guessed by now, both Smith and his app are textbook definitions of Not Safe For Work. (US$0.99 from the App Store.)

Velvet Underground founder Reed has spent the last four decades defying expectations (METAL MACHINE MUSIC, anyone?), and his iPhone app is no exception. LouZoom, rather than a celebrity promotional/vanity app, actually does something useful: it magnifies your iPhone contact list (including the search screen and detail pages), making contacts instantly readable without pinching/panning. (US$1.99 from the App Store.)

(UPDATE 12/21/09: Kevin Smith, compulsive Tweeter that he is, posted a link to this story on his Twitter feed with the following wisecrack: "Satellite of Love: Mine may look funny, but apparently if you fondle Lou Reed's, it'll grow in your hands."  You tell 'em, Silent Bob…)

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