The iSmashPhone iPhone Gaming Week Starts Today!

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We’re kicking off this week with something special, something to make the remaining days between now and when you unwrap that brand new iPhone 3GS/3rd gen iPod touch that’s currently waiting for you under the tree (if you’ve been good), pass by as quickly as possible.

This week is the iSmashPhone games week. At this time of year, we all have just a bit more time to recline with a nice glass of port and get down some serious thumb time, so in order to make the best of your Xmas gaming leisure, you’re going to need a trusty resource who can keep you informed with all of the latest iPhone gaming news, reviews and features.

The iPhone has had an odd relationship with gaming. When the handset was released way back in June 2007, the question wasn’t, will this handset have gaming functionality added, but, will this handset get third-party native applications at all?

Then, when the App Store finally landed, it turned out that two thirds of the day one apps were games. The second generation iPod touch that followed shortly after brought with it a glitzy new iPod campaign, carrying the telling adage ‘the funnest iPod ever’. Gone were those sexy silhouetted figures, dancing to the latest hip beats with their iPods, and in their place were glitzy montages of the iPod playing a raft of the latest games.

By the time the 3.0 software arrived on June 17th this year, which was heavy on game specific updates, the iPhone 3G and second generation iPod touch were already well established. The iPhone 3GS, which was released one week earlier, also promised a significant bump in the platform’s processing grunt and paved the way for the inevitable third generation iPod touch which hit store shelves in September.

The combined iPhone and iPod touch installed user base is now approaching 50 million, giving it a potential gaming market roughly equal to the PSP’s and nearly half of the now nearly twice as old, Nintendo DS.

Meanwhile the App Store has swollen to a gargantuan 100,000 apps, the majority of which are games. It’s true that due to the democratic nature of the App Store, quality control on the consumer end is an issue, but that’s what we’re here for and its also the reason why we are having a gaming week.

So be sure to stay tuned over the next five days for iSmashPhone‚Äôs gaming week, featuring  a barrage of the sharpest, most original and down right entertaining iPhone gaming news, reviews and features this side of anywhere. You know it makes sense.

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