Time Inc Demo’s Sports Illustrated Magazine Tablet

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You know how technology is all about progress and breaking into unchartered territory? Well that concept is kind of lost on the publishing industry. After Conde Nast, it is now Time Inc's turn to make its foray into the tablet world. 

Recently the magazine giants showed off a magazine tablet demo that ran a Sports Illustrated issue. The digitized version is meant to be accessed from laptops and touchscreen devices (like the mythical Apple tablet) to create a more intuitive UI. 

So is this the future of magazine publishing? Well we hope not as the idea is regressive and reminds us of portal websites. Trying to fit an old medium to a new format is always a good sign however websites pretty much to do the same and deliver content as efficiently. Somehow we don't see tablets replacing the good old paper magazine. But hey that's just us and don't forget to give us your thoughts.

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