Trolling For Trademarks: “iSlate,” “iGuide” Possible Names For Apple Tablet

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Would an "iTablet" by any other name be just as desirable?

MacRumors recently discovered that Apple had quietly acquired the domain and iSlate trademarks, suggesting that the House of Jobs already has an "iName" for their "is-it-still-just-a-rumor?" tablet device.

But wait!  There's more!  A bit more digging led them to iGuide Media, LLC., a Delaware-based company whose sole purpose
appears to be to obtain a trademark on behalf of Apple, Inc.  iGuide recently filed a trademark application for the term "iGuide,"  Both the iGuide and iSlate paperwork bear the signatures of executives and legal eagles associated with Apple.

While the iGuide filing doesn't specify if it's for a piece or hardware, software, or even an overall service, it does mention "Computer hardware and computer software for accessing, browsing,
searching, recording, organizing, storing, transmitting, receiving,
manipulating, streaming, reproducing, playing, and reviewing audio,
video, games, music, television, movies, photographs, and other
multimedia content"
and "Downloadable electronic publications in the nature of books, magazines,
newsletters, journals, and blogs in the fields of entertainment,
sports, science, history, culture, celebrities, news, current events,
politics, technology, and education." 
The inference to be drawn here: rumors of Apple approaching newspapers and magazines to be content providers might actually have some basis in truth.

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