Video Recording Apps For iPhone 2G & 3G

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Gone are the days when you needed to brush up your jail-breaking skills to achieve video recording on your iPhone. Some time back, one of our readers, Sachi recommended the Ustream application for video recording. Now that Apple has allowed video recording apps to be featured in the App Store, there are other alternatives to Ustream.

If you don't want to try the Ustream Recorder app, then give the iVideoCamera a shot (pun unintended).  However with this app, the iPhone can only achieve an abysmal 3 frames per second rate and all videos are limited to about one minute in length with a maximum resolution of 160×213. For unlimited recording, you can also try out the Camcorder App for iPhone 3G and 2G where maximum resolution is a decent 320×426.

As you can see none of the apps are much to write about but as they say something is better than nothing!

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