Wireless Gigabit Alliance Completes 60GHz Specification

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Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) has completed its unified wireless 60GHz specification and all we can say is hallelujah! This in layman terms means that with the WiGig specification, data transfers will be 10 times faster than the current  wireless LANs. The WiGig specification will result in high performing wireless display and audio and will also be backward compatible with existing Wi-Fi devices. 

Excerpt from press release:

Specification Highlights

The WiGig version 1.0 specification includes the following key elements: 

‚Ä¢ Supports data transmission rates up to 7 Gbps ‚Äì more than ten times faster than the highest 802.11n rate 

• Supplements and extends the 802.11 Medium Access Control (MAC) layer and is backward compatible with the IEEE 802.11 standard

• Physical layer enables both the low power and the high performance WiGig devices, guaranteeing interoperability and communication at gigabit rates

• Protocol adaptation layers are being developed to support specific system interfaces including data buses for PC peripherals and display interfaces for HDTVs, monitors and projectors

• Support for beamforming, enabling robust communication at distances beyond 10 meters

• Widely used advanced security and power management for WiGig devices

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