Adobe Boos iPad’s Lack Of Flash Support

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It's no secret that the control freaks at Apple have no love for the Flash programming platform, as its wild-'n'-wooly style clashes with the House of Jobs' weld-the-hood-shut approach.

So when the iPad was introduced as "[providing] the ultimate browsing experience," Lee Brimelow at The Flash Blog saw red, and posted screen shots of many Flash-powered sites that would be unusable on the new McTablet.  From Hulu to Facebook games to CNN to…hey, what was that removed screen shot? 

(Er…it was an adult web site.  A lot of Brimelow's readers weren't happy to see it, even in a highly censored form. If you're open-minded, Gizmodo has the original screen shot…)

Look, some of us here at are no great fans of Flash.  Yes, we may see a lot of blue Legos on our iDevices (and other non-Flash-enabled handheld platforms), but maybe that will spur site developers to create Flashless, HTML5-rich websites in return.

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