And The Latest Candidate For Apple Tablet Name Is…

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…the iPad.

Seriously.  We're not kidding.

Slate Computing LLC — reportedly a dummy corporation set up by Apple to trademark product names — actually filed for an "iPad" trademark back in July 2009.  Mind you, they'd also put in for "iSlate" back in 2006-2007, which is where that particular iMeme came from.  Also, the "iPad" trademark filing was in Canada; apparently, Fuji already has "iPad" registered in the US of A, but don't be surprised if Uncle Steve licenses it with the change in his back pants pocket. 

Other "iPad" trademark registrations (in Europe, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand) were done by the Delaware-based IP Application Development, LLC — and points for you if you realized their name acronymizes to "I.P.A.D."

Color us underwhelmed.

[Via MacRumors]

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