Anti-iClimactic: Apple’s Big iPad Debut A Big Letdown

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Talk about the worst-kept secret in history.

Everybody knew that the House of Jobs was gonna debut SOME kind of tablet computer today.  Sure, there were a few surprises  — the external keyboard, the data plan deal with AT&T — but ultimately nothing that hadn't been leaked or rumored or whispered at some point over the past six months or so.  If you look back at our post "15 Apple Tablet Mock-ups: Close but No Cigar," you'll see that — even factoring out the most outrageous Photoshop mockups — the final result was pretty damn close to what people had already envisioned.

Heck, we even kept a running tally of how close the rumor mill was to the announced product.  The final score was right down the middle: a handful of surprises, an equal amount of disappointments.

It's kinda like finding out Santa Claus doesn't exist.  Or worse yet: he does exist, but he's just some drunk guy the mall hired for the month of December.

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We promise to get over the disappointment and start figuring out what this thing is good for.

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