Apple Approves iCall Free VoIP App For iPhone and iPod Touch

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It will be a while before something steals the iPad thunder, however Apple’s decision on lifting 3G VoIP restrictions comes pretty close. Now iPhone and iPod Touch users can avail the iCall VoIP services over cellular networks. In fact iCall has the distinction of being the only VoIP application that supports the iPhone and the iPod Touch. VoIP on the iPhone has always been a controversial issue but there is no doubt that iPhone/iPod touch users will welcome the facility to make free local and cheap long distance calls.

We are also wondering if we will soon see iCall VoIP on the iPad. Sure making calls from the iPad would be awkward as hell unless you thrown in a bluetooth headset but its quite a possibility since the iPad has all the requisite features like 3G and WiFi support, in-built microphone and speakers etc. The question is would you use your iPad to make VoIP calls?

You can download the iCall Free VoIP app from the iTunes store.

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