Bleed The Feed: Unauthorized Gizmodo App Leeches News Feed, Expects You To Pay

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You might see this listed on iTunes and say to yourself "Wow.  I read Gizmodo all the time.  Wouldn't it be nice to get their articles sent directly to my iDevice?"

Er, no.  No it wouldn't.

Here's the thing: this app was not released or even authorized by Gizmodo.  Somebody named Mark Laroque (whose "company," Larockus, has a non-existent website link on iTunes) merely created an app that funnels Gizmodo's RSS feed directly, put it up for sale, and pocketed the profits.  In other words, it doesn't do a damn thing that any other RSS aggregator app already does.

According to at least one feedback post, the app was originally listed at US$0.99; since then, the price has been reduced to…free.  We still don't think Gizmodo will be pleased. 

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