Counting Eyeballs: iPhone, Android Led Smartphone Web Ad Impressions In ’09

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Click on any smartphone ad banners today?  Odds are they were probably for either the iPhone or an Android handset.

That's the conclusion of Admob, who analyzed market share data captured from US-based mobile-phone advertisement clicks in 2009.  As you can see, in the last three months of '09, phones based on either the iPhone or Android OS's snagged 81% of the ad clickthroughs — a more than 50% increase over the beginning of the year.  Android, in turn, increased its ad market share nearly seven-fold over the course of the year.  Crackberries?  WinMo?  Pre's?  Fugeddaboudit.  Two-horse race, people.

A couple of caveats here:

  1. Admob is in the process of being acquired by Google.  As in "the folks who brought us Android."
  2. Nobody here at clicks on web ads.  Just sayin'.

[Via TechCrunch]

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