Critical Mass: Online Pundits Weigh In On The iPad (humor)

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Next Generation Online decided to take a tip from the Rotten Tomatoes film-review aggregater site and poll the Interwebs for critical consensus of the new iPad, either yea or nay.  They quote from some of the Usual Suspects (Mashable, Techradar, Yahoo Tech — but not iSmashPhone, dammit!) and pretty much concur that, in its v1.0 incarnation, the new tablet is more sizzle than steak 🙂

Frankly, all you need to know is the above checklist comparing the iPad to an Etch-a-Sketch.  And we'll bet that before the year's out, Etch-a-Sketch will proudly proclaim their version 2.0, with Flash and SD card support.

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