End Run Blitz: Google Voice Webapp Brings GV to iPhone, Pre

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Tired of wondering when iTunes would get around to approving a Google Voice iPhone app?

So did Google.  In fact, they got so tired of waiting, they said "the hell with it" — and introduced GV as a mobile webapp.  So that means your iPhone, your Pre, or any smartphone with an HTML-5-compatible browser can take advantage of Google Voice.

If you're already running GV on your desktop, mobile GV is virtually identical; the main difference is, while desk GV calls your phone first, then connects you to your contact, mGV actually dials out directly to the Google Voice service.  Oh, and one caveat for iPhoners: GV won't automatically use your phone's contact list, so you'll have to export it.  (Pre users with a GV account listed as a contact will theoretically have less problems.)

While this is a nice workaround for the iPhone, for us Google Voice power users, our recent sojourn with the Nexus One left us a bit spoiled.  Remember, the Nexus has GV melded right into the Android OS; that means seamless, always-available operation that doesn't require any additional thought or steps.

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