Gram-o-Phone: iPhone Doubles As Nose Candy Scale

And you thought the iSnort app was the last word in iPhone-based cocaine use…

Boris from TheNextWeb was in Amsterdam recently and spotted an interesting item in a souvenir-shop window:

This image described by iPhone, scale, cocaine, IPhoto-20091006-153039

No, not the "I Love Holland" undies.  Look closer…

This image described by iPhone, scale, cocaine, IPhoto-20091006-153246

Yep, someone combined an iPhone with a scale to weigh cocaine.  And for the modest price of only forty-five Euros, to boot.

Now, the last time we checked, snot detergent was still very, very illegal in Amsterdam — the same city, mind you, that tolerates hot hookers and cool cannabis buds.  And it's not impossible to think of uses for an iPhone with a built-in scale that DON'T involve Peruvian marching powder: Cooking, for example.  Or keeping track of your gerbil's low-calorie diet.

Aw, who are we kidding? If De Palma's SCARFACE was made today instead of in the Eighties, Tony Manero would have an Uzi in one hand and one of these bad boys in the other.

[via walyou]

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