Hall of iShame: What Apple Got Wrong With The iPad

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Oh, iPad, why do we hate thee?  Let us count the ways:

  • That big honkin' bezel around the touchscreen is fugly.
  • No HDMI output.  No DisplayPort either.
  • You need an extra pocket to carry all the damn dongles it requires for input/output.  Even something as near-universal as a USB port has been donglized.
  • The base is too big.
  • WHERE THE HELL IS THE MULTITASKING?!?  We've been waiting for that on the iPhone for years now.  The lack of it here kinda puts the lie to all the tossing around of the R-word ("revolutionary").
  • While US$30.00 a month for unlimited AT&T data access, with no contract, sounds like a good deal, don't forget: it's AT&T.  A gazillion iPhones have kneecapped their 3G network already; think a bunch of new iPads are going to make it any better?  Now would have been a good time to say buh-bye to the Death Star and/or drop in a Verizon/CDMA chipset as an option.

To call the iPad "revolutionary" is like expecting a newly-elected President to change the country's problems overnight.  And like our own prexy, the iPad — while exciting and perhaps even a little inspirational — still has to deal with the business-as-usual of the tablet industry…which, like the government, will only change over time.  If at all.

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