Hover Mother: An RC Helicopter You Control With Your iPhone

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Flight simulator programs?  They're SO 1985.

Parrot's AR.Drone is an RC helicopter (okay, technically a four-prop "quadricopter") whose flight you control via your iPhone's Wi-Fi.  Not only that, the unit comes with two video cameras and augmented-reality game apps that allow solo play (against a virtual battlebot) or head-to-head shootouts with your friends' AR.Drones.  Add a protective prop hull for indoor flight, or if you just wanna make it look like the futuristic choppers in AVATAR.

This isn't the first RC copter we've drooled over in this blog, but it's the first one that's appropriate to said blog.  Parrot debuted this gizmo at CES to squeals of geek delight, but will only hint to availability sometime this year.  In the meanwhile, this video should help you decide if this is the year's must-have gizmo:

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