International Waters: Traveling With Your iPhone

The reason smart phone technology like the iPhone has become completely successful is because of the growing internationalism in the global commercial sectors.  Traveling on a widespread basis has become both more affordable and required to remain relevant in the world community.  Because of this it is important to have mobile devices that not only make simple phone calls, but also allow complete internet interaction and enough applications to continue their lives from a completely transient state.  Even though this may be the driving force in iPhone development it still requires a few conscious maneuvers to make it work in your favor while you are on the move.  Here are some tips for traveling with your iPhone on an international scale.

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Air travel will continue to be a travel standard and as airplane security continues to increase the restrictions on what you can use your iPhone for will remain stringent.  The first place you should go is to render your iPhone impotent in terms of communication through Airplane Mode.  Start by going to the Settings option on your iPhone desktop.  The very first option in your iPhone Settings section is the On / Off switch for Airplane Mode.  This will shut off the major phone functions of the iPhone and allow you to simply use applications that do not reach out using the 3G network.  Many airplanes now include Wi-Fi on board, so once you turn on Airplane Mode you can then also turn on Wi-Fi and find the appropriate network.  From here you can use the iPhone simply as an internet device on the airplane's network.

Make sure that you keep in mind the limitations of your device when you are in an airplane situation.  You are going to have limited battery life if you continue to watch videos on your iPhone, so you may want to both limit your use and alter some of the settings.  The first place you should go with this is to affect the brightness of your iPhone as this is going to be one of the determining factors for how long you are going to get out of a specific charge.  When you go into the iPhone Settings section go down to the second block of settings and select Brightness, which is below Sounds and above Wallpaper.  Here you are going to want to turn Auto-Brightness to the Off setting and then reduce the regular brightness bar.  This will reduce visibility on the iPhone touch screen, but it will save power and allow you to get all you can while unable to charge.

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Keep a wall adapter with you at all times for your iPhone sync chord as this is going to allow you to charge your iPhone when away from a computer.  This is going to be important while changing locations, but make sure that you have international power converters that are relevant to the locations that you are in.  If you are going to remain mobile on a consistent basis and would like to keep your iPhone up to date with Contacts, Calender, and other scheduling features you are going to want to keep a notebook computer with you to continue regular syncing.  You are very limited if you keep your iPhone independent of a computer base, especially in terms of using scheduling features that require computer applications and keyboard features.

When you are going international with your iPhone you will have to take your AT&T phone service into consideration.  The likelihood is that if you go into international territories without making service changes you are going to find your normal service charges going through the roof.  You will start by contacting AT&T to change your service options.  These are going to likely be unique to both your situation and travel region, but there are going to be some general features that remain the same.  First off you are going to want to get a data package to take much of your internet costs.  Often times what is excessively expensive is the cost of using the internet on your iPhone from other countries.  Since the iPhone has so many wonderful travel applications, not to mention the GPS and Maps functions, you will likely want to have a data package so you can actually use the internet.  You can buy packages ranging from twenty five dollars to a couple hundred, but they are still going to give you such limited use.  If you are going to use data a lot then you will want to get the 200 MB package for $199.99.

Since these packages are expensive and small you are still going to want to avoid internet functions unless absolutely necessary.   You can ensure this in a couple different ways.  Begin by turning off data roaming because this can take a large amount of data.  Go into the iPhone Settings area and select General from the top of the third block of options.  Once in General select Network.  Here you are going to find two options: Enable 3G and Data Roaming.  You will want to turn both of these to the Off position to protect against casual internet connectivity.  If you need to use the 3G network for any reason you can easily go in here and turn it On, as long as you go back and return its position to Off afterward.  Instead of using the 3G network you are going to want to go ahead and find W-Fi locations to use instead.  You will also want to make sure that all your software is up to date on your iPhone and that   download any other applications you are going to want before you actually begin the traveling process.

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If you are going international with your iPhone you are likely going to want to be able to prepare your iPhone for use by those of other nations.  The iPhone included built in international features in an attempt to accommodate for this type of use.  Go back to the iPhone Settings and then go to General.  Inside General go down to the fourth block of options and select International, which is below Keyboard and above Accessibility.  Here you will be able to change the normal language, that language used in Voice Control, and the language used in the iPhone Keyboard.  This will also allow you to alter the Region Format from the United States default setting.  Here are a huge range of different language options, but it is still going to have to remain based in the country where you have your AT&T contract.

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Make sure that you accommodate the location change on your iPhone by altering things like Date & Time.  Select Date& Time from the General section of iPhone Settings.  Make sure that Set Automatically is set so that you will always know the correct time for the location you are currently at.  You can also go into the Clock area and add other locations so that you can check to see the time of anywhere you are about to travel to.

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